Subway vs Taco Bell Food Nutrition Comparison

Subway and Taco Bell are two major Fast Food outlets in the US fast food industry. Both the brands have recently included many delicious, healthy and nutritious items in their menu for the health conscious customers. Subway and Taco Bell both have their online feedback pages that are named, ‘Tellsubway’ and  ‘Tellthebell’ respectively.

Taco Bell


In the breakfast category, Subway has the menu with calorie range from 380 calories to 740 calories. ‘Bacon, Egg, Cheese’ has the highest amount of calories while ‘Egg and Cheese’ have the lowest.  On the other hand, its counterpart Taco Bell has the highest calorie count 0f 700 calories in their ‘Crunchwrap- Sausages’ and the lowest calorie count 0f 160 calories in their  ‘Hashbrowns’. The ‘Grande Scrambler Burrito- Steak’ at Taco Bell backs the first place in sodium content with 1,480 mg of sodium. The prescribed limit of daily intake of sodium is 1,500 mg which is violated by some of the items on Subway’s breakfast menu. The amount of fat content ranges between 0 gm to 46 gm at Taco Bell and between 15 gm to 30 gm at Subway in the breakfast menu.

Side Menus

At Taco Bell ‘Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes’ and ‘Chips and Guacamole’ rank first with 230 calories while ‘Black Beans’ stand last with the lowest count of 80 calories in the Side Menu. Subway, on the other hand, has ‘Sugar Cookie’ which lands first place with 460 calories while ‘Pepperoni’ and ‘Bacon’ secure the last place with 80 calories.  The highest level of sodium is found in ‘Pintos ‘n Cheese’ with 680mg at Taco Bell and ‘Chicken Tortilla Soup’ with 1320 mg at Taco Bell and Subway respectively. The amount of fat in Side Menu ranges from 1.5 gm to 14 gm at Taco Bell and 01 gm to 24 gm at Subway.


Taco Bell provides a wide array of beverages when compared to Subway in a range of calories between 420 calories to 0 calories. Subway has limited options and beverages are in the range of 0 calories to 170 calories. ‘Tropicana Pink Lemonade’ has the highest level of sodium i.e. 390 mg at Taco Bell while ‘Berry Lishus with Banana Fruizle Express’ at Subway tops the list with 35 mg.

Both Taco Bell and Subway have provided their customers with insightful nutritional information regarding their servings and their ingredients on their official website. They have enlightened the customers by displaying the number of allergen ingredients like eggs, fish, soybean, nuts, and wheat present in their dishes on their particular apps and websites. This has helped food-allergic and gluten-allergic customers to make wise and apt choices according to their specific needs.

The review of data from official websites of both the brands leads us to assume that Taco Bell is better than Subway in terms of health and nutrition but we should not forget that Taco Bell was dragged to the court for not serving real meat. The meat served contained only 35% of real meat while rest constituted of artificial substances.